1. Type of event

In the decoration of events it is very important that you take into account what type of event it is. For example: a birthday, a wedding, a communion, a baptism, a company party, etc. Depending on the type of event, its decoration will have one or other needs.

2. Decoration style

The decoration style is closely related to the type of event. In addition, it is essential that before you get down to work, you determine what style the decoration is going to have, because depending on this aspect, the selection of materials and even the time may vary. We give you some examples of decoration styles that are currently very fashionable: vintage style, boho chic style, industrial style and rustic style.

3. Event time

The time of the event is decisive for its decoration, especially for the use of materials and lighting. In addition, if the event is at night, it creates a more sophisticated atmosphere, while if the event is during the day, a rustic-country style is more likely to suit better.

4. Materials

The materials used in the decoration are what will determine the style of the event. It is very important that you select them properly to obtain the desired style. When we talk about materials we are not referring only to furniture, but also to what is capable of receiving all eyes: flowers and plants.

Trends in event decoration

There are many trends in event decoration, it all depends.

Regarding the currently most used decoration styles, we can highlight the following:

Minimalist Style Event Decoration: Minimalist style continues to top the list of trends in event decoration. It is a very sophisticated and elegant style that bets on sober tones such as gray, navy blue, black, white.
Decoration of events according to theme: it is the decoration style based on a theme. It can be used in all types of events and usually depends on the tastes of the protagonists of said event. Here are some examples: events inspired by an era, events inspired by a season, a character, a movie, and so on.

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