Here are 4 Tips to make your arrangements and decorations last longer.

There are different types of bags on the market to keep the balloons protected, preventing them from rusting or breaking.

These bags have small holes that allow ventilation. They come in different sizes. There are other cellophane bags, which you can also use.


Once the arrangements have been prepared, we immediately bag them to prevent rust. The balloons can last for many days in these bags without losing their shine. They are also used when the arrangements are to be transported to the event venue.

2.Use a balloon polish such as “Balloon Shine”.

The Balloon Shine is a special treatment for latex balloons, which prevents oxidation and gives an incredible shine to the balloons for a long time. It comes in the form of a spray and comes with a glove for application. It is our favorite!


3.Keep The Balloons In The Shade.

Try to leave your arrangements in the shade. If you are going to leave the arrangement in a place where you know the sun will shine continuously, or for a few hours, explain that there will be many inconveniences, such as: The balloons (if they are very inflated), they can burst, they they will rust quickly (lose their shine faster), shrink earlier than intended, etc.

The ideal is a shady place and if there is not, a place where the time of exposure to the sun is minimal.

4.Avoid the inflated envelope of the balloons.


When working outdoors, avoid over-inflating the balloons, as climatic factors can affect them. The heat causes the balloon to expand, so if you inflate a balloon to its nominal size, it can expand and burst.

Always inflate balloons below their normal size when decorating outdoors.

In short, it is extremely important that your arrangements look beautiful, bright and flawless. It is your image as a professional that is at stake every time you show a decoration. The success or failure of it will determine if the client is going to recommend you to their friends or just the opposite.

Well, I hope these tips are very helpful for you.


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